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About the African Journal Archive

The largest set of full-text content from Africa available on a single platform.

Established in 1983, Sabinet is a leader in facilitating access to the world's information for African organisations and facilitating access to Africa's information for the rest of the world.

The African Journal Archive (AJA) is a Sabinet Gateway project in conjunction with the Carnegie Corporation that is making African research accessible to the whole world. The archive includes searchable collections of journal articles that have been digitised back to the earliest issues, a valuable resource for local and international libraries.

As leaders in the South African information industry, Sabinet is proud to introduce a new and enhanced online journal platform.

The expansive features and sophisticated responsive web design, make IngentaDrive a truly unique and unrivalled newcomer to the market. It fuses low cost, speed to market and off-the-shelf convenience with customer control and autonomy, delivering fully-branded platforms with extensive options for third party integrations.

By integrating the AJA into its electronic collection, Sabinet now offers the largest set of full text content from Africa available on a single platform. Collections include agriculture, botany, zoology, history, law, education, politics, medicine, geology and interdisciplinary works.

Get access to Africa's information with the Sabinet African Electronic Publications, a comprehensive, searchable collection of full-text academic articles of South African and African journals.

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